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Do we need so many federal employees in Washington, DC?

Government needs to be closer to the people it regulates.  Today the House Oversight Committee debated H. Res. 38, a resolution that expresses support for relocating federal agencies away from Washington, DC, and bringing it closer to the people it serves.  

I spoke to the resolution here and responded to Democrat arguments here.

Surveillance questions arise

With new allegations surfacing over the weekend, the scope of the ongoing probe of Russia will now grow to review questions about the administration's possible surveillance of the Trump campaign.

A FISA order for a wiretap is not the only way to surveil someone. Stingray devices, which are widely used in the federal government, can look at the content of your communications and track your location. Even the IRS owns these machines. There are other tools at the disposal of the federal government that have been used to surveil people. Click here to learn more about Stingrays.  

I have introduced legislation to address the abuse of geolocation and stingray devices.  Watch the discussion on America's Newsroom:

With regard to wiretapping allegations, the House Oversight Committee will work in conjunction with the House Intelligence Committee, which is leading the investigation of Russian interference.  We spoke about that investigation on Fox & Friends earlier this week:

Working on local issues for rural Utah 

In a county nearly the size of New Jersey, the federal government owns 92% of the land.  This makes San Juan County uniquely dependent on federal funding.  Last week I testified before the House Appropriations Committee regarding three critical funding issues relevant to the 15,000 residents of that county, including:  

  • Improving impassable Navajo school bus routes;
  • Withholding funding for the Bears Ears National Monument (which most residents oppose);
  • Appealing for the annual PILT payments (payments in lieu of property tax) upon which San Juan and other county budgets are forced to rely.

Protecting Whistleblowers

Last week's explosive TSA hearing featured a recalcitrant TSA refusing to disclose documents requested by Congress.  Those documents would shed light on whistleblower retaliation allegations.  I demanded to know who at TSA is standing in the way of producing this information.  Watch the clip below.  For some great background on this situation, read this:

For some great background on this situation, read this:  GOP, Democrats blast TSA for withholding information, Washington Post, 3/6/17

#TBT:  New immigration order addresses longstanding terrorism concerns

With the introduction of a new immigration order by the Trump Administration, it's worth looking back to a December 2015 hearing in which I questioned DHS about the 9,500 visas they approved for people with terrorist ties.  Watch how they responded:

Tweet of the Week

When @stevedoocy relies on @tgowdysc for tech support on his phone, he is in trouble
28 Feb 2017

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