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Provo and Sandy Town Hall Meetings

Do you have a question for me?  Do you just want to hear the latest on the the Hillary Clinton perjury and email investigations?  I'll be doing two daytime town halls next week on Thursday, September 1.

These two events are being exclusively advertised to those who subscribe to this newsletter or follow me on Facebook. 

More details unfolding in Clinton email investigation

First, the FBI last week produced Clinton investigation documents.  The material was so sensitive that even my security clearance was insufficient to see it- despite my being in a secure facility.  How did this dangerous information hop from a classified system to a completely separate unclassified system?

FBI sends heavily redacted Clinton interview documents to Congress, Fox News, 8/16/16

Surprises in the FBI's Clinton Documents

I can't talk specifically about the FBI Clinton materials I reviewed.  But I did talk to the ladies of Outnumbered about what surprised me in those documents:                                             

Talking to an MSNBC audience about the Clinton investigation

Twice this week I have talked about the Clinton investigation to an MSNBC audience.  What do they want to know?  Watch these clips to find out:

Bloomberg's With All Due Respect, MSNBC, 8/22/16
Morning Joe, MSNBC, 8/22/16

Who is really behind national monument push?

Despite efforts to create the appearance of strong local support for turning a sacred Native American site into a tourist attraction by declaring it a national monument, recent reporting in the Deseret News uncovers some revealing facts about who is really behind the push for a Bears Ears monument.

Op-ed: Utahns want Bears Ears monument? Not the ones I surveyed, Deseret News, 8/20/16
Big money, environmentalists and the Bears Ears story, Deseret News, 8/4/16 

Yesterday I spoke with Max Roth at Fox 13 about the potential for a national monument in San Juan County:

Tweet of the Week

Crown Burgers' onion rings voted No. 1 in Utah. Undeniably true
22 Aug 2016

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