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Importance of Oversight Work

Recently I sat down with journalist Sharyl Attkisson to talk about the importance of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee. We talked about ongoing investigations, holding people accountable, avoiding partisanship, and balancing the many whistleblower claims the committee receives each day.  Watch it here:

Defense Spending is too Important to Waste

A strong national defense is a critical federal priority. Wasting those hard-earned taxpayer dollars is unacceptable.  After the Pentagon ignored a report showing how it could save $125 billion, we invited defense officials to testify before our committee.  Click below to see what questions I had for those officials.

What do Utahns want in Bears Ears?

KSL news visited San Juan County recently to find out what residents think about the designation of Bears Ears National Monument.  Not surprisingly, they got an earful.  Click to watch:

Healthcare and the legislative process

Obamacare is in a death spiral and desperately needs to be repealed. Unfortunately, last week we couldn’t come to a consensus on what that plan should look like. But we need to get there. The status quo is not sustainable. People still need access to affordable healthcare that Obamacare does not provide.  This is how the legislative process was designed to work - it is neither fast nor easy.  But we will continue working to move the best possible legislation forward.

Facial Recognition Technology

Would it surprise you to know photographs from half of the adults in this country can be accessed through a federal facial recognition database?  Eighteen states have an agreement with the FBI to share photos in their database, including driver's license photos.  For 5 years the government has used this program without publishing a privacy impact statement as required by law.  

Last week the FBI to testified before the House Oversight Committee to answer our questions the program.
Who Owns Your Face?  The Atlantic, 3/24/17

Internet Privacy

As a vocal advocate of privacy, I carefully reviewed the provisions of S.J. Res. 34. I voted to support the resolution because I firmly believe the process matters. We will get better privacy protections from a single entity (the FTC) with sole jurisdiction over this issue. By adding the FCC to the mix, the Obama Administration created confusion and inconsistency with conflicting privacy frameworks.

I welcome further debate about how best to protect privacy, but I believe that debate should happen within the context of the FTC’s oversight.

Another WH Fence Jumper leads to more Secret Service Questions

After a series of recent breaches at the White House, including an intruder who spent more than 17 minutes on the grounds before being detected, I am concerned the agency is still not following proper protocols.  This can never, ever happen.  We are looking at some major structural changes as we continue to explore solutions.

*Recommended reading: The Secret Service must get its house in order, Washington Post, 3/21/17

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