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Top Priorities:

  • Eliminate the federal gas tax
  • Allow state and local governments to manage and maintain interstate highways
  • Ensure tax dollars generated in Utah stay in Utah

Utah can do better if we save those dollars the round-trip ticket to wasteful Washington. Gas tax dollars generated in Utah should stay in Utah, be managed by Utah and benefit the residents of Utah.

By the Numbers:

  • $1.1 billion - Amount spent to build the Utah County I-15 CORE expansion project funded exclusively by the State of Utah
  • 80% - Amount Utah spent on Salt Lake County I-15 expansion project

Notable Legislation:

The STATE Act: H.R. 118 (sponsored by Rep. Garrett) would reduce federal gas tax in states penny for penny (but not below two cents) for increase in state gas tax.
While the federal government still has a compelling interest in making sure certain standards are maintained on the Interstate Highway System, the states are better suited to maintain and expand the system.
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