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Medicare & Medicaid

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Top Priorities

  • Support structural changes to Medicare and Medicaid to address the unchecked growth of these programs while continuing to provide care to our country’s most vulnerable populations
  • Target waste, fraud, and abuse within these programs so taxpayer dollars are used efficiently and effectively
  • Increase flexibility in state administration and eliminate federal mandates

Medicare and Medicaid serve as essential cornerstones in our nation’s health care system. Over 55 million Americans currently rely on Medicare, while an estimated 70 million individuals depend on Medicaid. Systemic changes will be needed sooner rather than later to prevent the entire system from becoming insolvent.  

By the Numbers

  • $60 - $90 billion – Recent estimates on the amount of fraud in Medicare
  • 72,200,000 – Projected total Medicaid enrollment in 2022
  • 55,200,000 – Total Medicare enrollment in 2015
  • 192% - The percent increase of persons enrolled in Medicare since 1966
  • 5.8% - Projected growth rate per year of health spending 

Notable Legislation

H.R. 2 – SGR Repeal and Medicare Provider Payment Modernization Act of 2014 – Voted in favor of this bill, which would have streamlined the Medicare payment process and amend the physician payment calculation rate.

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