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Federal Lands

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Top Priorities:

  • Strike a balance between economic development and preservation that will benefit all Utahns as well as future generations. 
  • Provide avenues for state and local governments to play a larger role in the ownership and management of public lands.  

In the public lands debate, we are frequently presented with false choices: either protect the environment or develop our energy resources.  I believe we can do both.

By the Numbers:

  • The federal government owns 66.5 percent of all land in Utah
  • In the West, 1 out of every 2 acres is owned by the federal government
  • Over 90% of all federal land is located in western states

Notable Legislation:

  • H.R. 5780 - Utah Public Lands Initiative, a collaborative effort to provide land-use certainty in 7 Utah counties by balancing the environmental, recreational, agricultural, economic and Native American uses of public land.
  • H.R. 5758 -  Advancing Conservation and Education, provides a streamlined process by which federal land managers can exchange state trust lands within federal conservation areas for other public lands that are better suited for revenue generation for public schools.
  • H.R. 5718 - Central Wasatch National Conservation and Recreation Area, protects the sources of our drinking water, preserves recreational opportunities for the future, and ensures enjoyment of the Central Wasatch Mountains in the face of pressures from a growing population.
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