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Step One - Zip Authentication

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Regrettably, I am unable to reply to any email from constituents outside of the district. Please enter your zip code to verify residency and go to the next step:


If you do not know the four digit +4 extension for your zip code, please check the U.S. Postal Service website for more information.

If you have any difficulties, please phone (202) 225-7751 or report a website problem.

Responding to out-of-district communications

I appreciate hearing from all who contact my office, whether through snail mail, phone, or e-mail.  House regulations dictate that I can only send written responses to constituents (those who reside in the current boundaries of the 3rd Congressional District of Utah).  If you are not a resident of the 3rd Congressional District of Utah and would like a response to your communication, I strongly encourage you to contact your respective Member of Congress.  You can find your representative by visiting the United States House of Representatives website.

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