Chaffetz Introduces another Series of Bills in 113th Congress

Feb 28, 2013

Washington, D.C. – Today, Congressman Jason Chaffetz introduced his second series of bills in the 113th Congress. Both pieces of legislation were previously introduced in the 112th Congress.

“These bills deal with issues that must be taken seriously. Each bill is viable and common sense legislation. I am hopeful that the freshness of a new Congress will give new life to these pieces of legislation as we continue moving forward,” said Chaffetz.

H.R. 884 – Members of Congress Tax Accountability Act

This legislation would require Members of Congress to disclose their delinquent tax liability, would require an ethics inquiry into that delinquency, and would garnish the wages of a Member with a delinquent federal tax liability.

H.R. 883 - Expanding Education Opportunities for Post 9/11 Vets Families

H.R.883 would amend current law to allow service members retired due to a service-connected injury or disability to qualify for PGIB transferability even after leaving the service.  The proposed legislation would also extend service members transfer eligibility 36 months after retirement, with an additional 12 months extension upon DoD approval for special circumstances.  H.R. 883 does not increase costs, as the funding already exists for service members who qualify for the benefit. The bill simply restores equality and fairness to the process, allowing the service member to determine who gets to use their earned benefit.