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Tax day reminder:  Impeach the IRS Commissioner

Here are the facts about IRS Commissioner John Koskinen that are not in dispute:

He failed to preserve and produce documents,
He failed to testify truthfully, and
He failed to comply with a Congressional subpoena.

Should he continue to head the IRS?  Here's where the President stands:

White House responds to House GOP calls to impeach IRS Commissioner, The Blaze, 4/18/16

Where do you stand?  If you support my efforts to impeach Koskinen, please share your views. On social media, I welcome you to use the hashtag #impeachKoskinen and encourage others to pressure their representatives to support my resolution.

Why Sunshine Still Matters

Does anything ever happen to people who perpetuate waste, fraud and abuse in government?  Does anyone ever go to jail? Why doesn't Congress just retaliate by using the power of the purse to cut budgets?  

I hear these questions a lot.  I wrote this piece to answer them.  If you read nothing else in this newsletter, please read this:

Why Sunshine Still Matters, Daily Herald, 4/12/1

Sunshine Illuminates Holder's Obstruction

Some of the emails the administration sought to withhold from Congress were released this week.  Despite a 2011 Congressional subpoena and a recent court ruling demanding the documents, the administration continues to withhold some documents.  This isn't finished until we have all of them.

The emails, which you can read here, provide clear evidence that the administration actively worked to obstruct our investigation and withhold documents. We had to turn to the courts to prevail in this fight, but we continue to make progress.

Welcome to Wasteland

Wasteland is a new feature of the Oversight Committee's website which shines a bright light on wasteful spending.  Featured highlights receive a waste rating on a scale of 1 to 10.  

A recently-featured TSA app that randomly points left or right was the subject of Comedy Central's Daily Show last week:

Fighting Duplicative Spending

The government's auditor recently released it's annual GAO report detailing duplicative federal spending.  The Oversight Committee last week held a follow up hearing in which we learned many of the actions recommended in past GAO reports had not been taken.  You can watch my opening statement from that hearing here:

Annual waste inventory finds government has money - and ammo - to burn, USA Today, 4/12/16

Tweet of the Week

So honored to be with my friend, Elder Mason Wells. He one of the LDS Missionaries who was in Brussels at the airport during the terrorist attack. I had nominated him for a Naval Academy appointment a few years ago.
5 Apr 2016

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