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Utah Public Land Initative

Updated April 7, 2015

What is the PLI?

The Public Lands Initiative is a locally-driven effort to bring resolution to some of the most challenging land disputes in the State of Utah.  The initiative is rooted in the belief that conservation and economic development can co-exist and make Utah a better place to live, work, and visit.

You can read more about the principles and approach of the PLI in this staff report.

Which counties are affected by the PLI?

Counties involved in initial discussions included Emery, Carbon, Grand, San Juan, Daggett, Uintah, Duchesne and Summit.   Counties may ultimately choose to not be part of the final legislation, but discussions and debate are an ongoing process.  

Which interest groups are involved in the PLI?

From the staff report:  Congressman Bishop and Chaffetz have interacted with over 120 different advocacy groups, businesses, and organizations that have expressed an interest in land management in eastern Utah.  These organizations represent the entire spectrum of policy and political viewpoints. 

A full listing of participating organizations can be found on pages 14, 15 and 16 of the staff report.

March 2015 Status update:

A balanced proposal for Utah's public lands is within reach.  Counties, tribes, NGO stakeholders, and the public are working tirelessly on local plans that provide land-use certainty and economic opportunities for eastern Utah communities. The delegation is working to merge these local plans into a cohesive legislative package that is capable of becoming law.  

We have made tremendous progress and are encouraged by the positive movement of recent weeks.  Many plans are nearing completion while some plans continue to be developed.  Following upcoming local meetings and field trips, the delegation looks forward to the next step of merging the local plans and releasing of a draft PLI proposal for public review in the near future.   



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