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Asylum Reform and Border Protection ACt

April 6, 2015

HR 1153, the Asylum Reform and Border Protection Act, tightens the “credible fear” standard asylum seekers must meet in an effort to reduce fraud and abuse.  Among other things, it contains provisions that expedites the safe return of unaccompanied minors to their home countries.  It reduces the administration’s ability to abuse our immigration parole system to admit or release large classes of immigrants – a practice which has perpetuated the catch and release of many apprehended border crossers.  The legislation also ensures that American taxpayers are not footing the bill for attorneys for unlawful immigrants.

During numerous visits to our southern border, I became dismayed to learn that many who are caught crossing our borders illegally simply claim a “credible fear of persecution” and are released into our communities for years before their claim is adjudicated.  Because our standard is so low, many of those claims are approved despite being fraudulent and baseless. This bill will ultimately help maintain the integrity of our asylum system to ensure it remains available to those who truly deserve it.

The bill passed through the Judiciary Committee on a 21-12 vote.


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More information about the bill, see the House Judiciary Committee press release.