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Department of Veteran's Affairs

My office helps lots of veterans who have questions about disability compensation and veterans health care or who are having other difficulties with the Department of Veterans Affairs. We can also help obtain copies of military records or service medals. If you have tried to work with the VA and have run into problems getting an answer, we might be able to help.

Please contact my office in Utah at (801) 851-2500 and ask for the veterans' constituent services representative. Or, follow the casework process outlined on the previous page if you want to send your request by mail.

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Questions Veterans Ask the Most:

How do I apply for VA Disability, VA Pension, VA Widows Benefits or GI Bill?

Call the Department of Veterans Affairs Regional Office at (801) 827-1000. They will send you the appropriate form you need to complete for your application

How do I obtain medical care from the VA Medical Center or local VA Clinic?

Complete the VA form 10-10EZ for enrollment for medication, medical care and other health benefits. That form can be requested from the VA Medical Center at 1-(800) 228-4973, or at 1-(800) 376-8387.

Where is the nearest VA Medical Center?

The closest VA Medical Center is located in Salt Lake City at 500 Foothill Dr. Please call (801) 582-1565 or toll-free 1-(800) 613-4012.

How can I get my service medals or service records?

My office can assist you in getting either in a timely manner. Call (801) 851-2500 and ask for the veterans caseworker, who will assist in getting the appropriate forms completed to make the request.

What types of VA claims are there?

There are five types of VA claims:

1. Original Claim: The very first claim for disability benefits (compensation or pension) filed by a veteran. All original claims must be filed on VA Form 21-526.

2. Claim for Increase: A claim for increased compensation for a disability already found to be service-connected.

3. New Claim: A claim for compensation for a disability not part of the original claim. Also known as a supplemental claim.

4. Appeal: A claim that has been denied and appealed within the one-year time limit so the case does not have be reopened.

5. Reopened Claim: A claim asking for reconsideration of an issue previously considered and finally disallowed by VA (after more than one year has passed).

The type of claim determines how much development is required by VA and/or the nature of the supporting evidence the veteran must submit in support of the claim. The processing time for a claim varies depending on the type of claim and the supporting evidence provided by the veteran.